Risk Assessment Services

Baseline Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are effective tools in the evaluation of remediation options for contaminated sites. We employ the data quality objectives process to ensure that data collected during field investigations are suitable for evaluating the potential risk a site may pose to human health and the environment. Liability protection for new or prospective owners or operators of contaminated property.

CRG Texas assists persons who buy, lease, foreclose, and develop properties with existing contamination using the baseline risk assessment tools. Liabilities are managed through performance of a baseline environmental assessment, and State regulatory agency reporting and disclosure as specifically outlined under the respective state agency programs.

Dry Cleaner Compliance Audits and Inspections

The dry cleaning industry is a service industry for the cleaning of garments, draperies, leather goods, and other fabric items using chemicals and cleaning fluids.

Two main types of cleaning fluids are used in the industry, petroleum solvents and synthetic solvents.  Petroleum solvents are combustible hydrocarbon mixtures similar to kerosene. Synthetic solvents, the most common of which is Perchloroethylene (PERC) are nonflammable halogenated hydrocarbons.  PERC and other solvents may be emitted from dry cleaning machines during operation of the units or during the solvent reclamation processes. 

CRG Texas conducts investigations that include soil and groundwater sampling and analysis, plumbing video and hydrostatic tightness testing, dry cleaning plant compliance inspections, and equipment and waste management audits at past and present dry cleaning facilities.

Petroleum Tank Compliance Audits

The petroleum storage tank industry includes retail fueling, private fueling facilities, bulk storage facilities, refineries, bus and airport sites that have underground and aboveground petroleum storage tanks.

Petroleum products include gasoline, diesel fuel, motor and hydraulic oil, used oil and antifreeze, and other petroleum products. Sites that store, dispense, and dispose of petroleum products are suspect to have past and present releases to the environment. Soil, groundwater, and surface water are the most likely media affected by operations at these sites.

CRG Texas conducts investigations that include soil and groundwater sampling and analysis, petroleum storage tank compliance inspections, and equipment, recordkeeping, waste management audits, and remediation at past and present petroleum storage tank facilities.


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